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Here, you will find a comprehensive collection of valuable resources to address the most commonly asked tech questions and provide helpful tips and tricks for maximising your experience with Office 365 and your day to day with tech. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this page is designed to assist you in navigating and leveraging the full potential of Office 365 and your work device. Any more queries fill out our form, for services that we offer click the services button below.

How To's

How To’s

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Find our guides here. Guides can range from setting up a SharePoint site to auditing your internal IT infrastructure. Coming soon.

Interactive Slides

Interactive Slides

Our interactive slides answers your questions in a fun and interactive way. Navigate through the slides. If your a visual learner this is definitely the place for you.

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How to add a contact in Microsoft Outlook?

Add a contact to your mailing list in Microsoft Outlook.

How to add SharePoint
to file explorer?

Add your business SharePoint site to your file
explorer in Windows.

How to share files in OneDrive?

Share your OneDrive files internally or externally.

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Our Latest Interactive Slides

Below are the four most recent posts.

Office 365: Remove A User

How to remove a user in Office 365.

Office 365: Adding A User

How to add a user in Office 365.

Office 365: Choosing A License

What Office 365 license do I choose?

OFFICE 365: What Is OneDrive

What OneDrive is and how it could be useful to your business.

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We offer cybersecurity training

Here at Commercial Networks Ltd we offer Cybersecurity & Phishing training to businesses. It is a monthly training scheme that keeps you the end user up to date with the latest Cybersecurity issues and the best practices to be safe in the digital world. Head to our page to learn more.


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